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The JKF is a single organization representing the entire Japanese Karate world comprised of various prefectural and regional groups, competitive organization from senior high schools, universities and workers groups, and various Kaiha (group/school) organizations.

The prefectural federations and regional conferences encompass all Karate practitioners on a prefectural level under various local/city divisions. These are unified together via a network of prefectural athletic associations under the umbrella of the Japan Amateur Sports Association.


Competitive organizations include the All Japan High School Athletic Federation/Karate Division, All Japan syudent Karatedo Federation, All Japan Workers Karatedo Federation, and other groups.


Under the Kaiha group are included the various independent schools and styles of Karate. The JKF also serves as a common point of reference for these entities.


The various schools cooperate with the JKF as members, while thr JKF provides these schools with various kinds
of support. The lengthy histories and traditions of these Kaiha groups thus represent a solid vertical axis, while the prefectural, regional and competitive groups provide a horizontal axis. Various age levels within each main group provides yet another common threat connecting the various groups, thus making the JKF a very tightly knit organization.

The JFK was established in 1964 to organize Japanese Karatedo for the first time. Since that time,the JFK has
increased overall recognition of Karatedo by joining the Japan Amateur Sports Association and the National Athletic Meet. The introduction of contest organizations and rules has, likewise, led to the development of Karatedo. The JKF has contributed in a variety of other wars to society in general.


History of JKF

1964Japan Karatedo Federation(JKF) founded

1969Approved as foundation by Ministry of Education

1969First All Japan Charted Contest held at Budokan

1972JKF join Japan Physical Education Association

1979Participate in National Sports Tournament demonstrations at Miyazaki

1981Karate-Do made an official part of the national Sport Tournament at Shiga

1989JKF had official Group of WKF





















                                           Seiichi Fujiuwara Hanshi, World Chief Seiwa-Kai Goju Ryu karate en Overseas Director

JKF Goju-Kai Japan, tijdens een demonstratie van Sanchin Kata in de  OGKK-honbu in Okinawa

tijdens een gezamelijke  periodieke training JKF Goju-Kai in 2016.






























The Japan Karatedo Federation Goju-Kai organisation

JKF Goju-Kai boardmembers anno 1986

Tasaki Sensei (Seiwakai Goju Ryu: beneden 2° van Links); Miyazato Sensei en Koshin Iha Sensei (OGKK : 3° en 2° van Rechts beneden); 
Shiomi Sensei, Muramatsu Sensei, Maekawa Sensei, Mayama Sensei, Kiyohara Sensei, Teruya Sensei, ...

Japan Goju Ryu, Okinawa Goju Ryu.  In tegenstelling tot de beginjaren, op zeer regelmatige basis samenwerken, samen denken, samen trainen met slechts één doelstelling ; Goju Ryu op Top-niveau aanbieden !

En de verschillen dan ? In Japan zelf noemen ze dat zo :

"There are only  differents in some European minds" 

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